Genshin Impact Hangout Event: Beidou Guide

If there’s a name in Liyue that strikes a chord among its residents, it’s Beidou—the Uncrowned Lord of the Ocean and the infamous Captain of the Crux Fleet. Players Adventure Rank 30 and above who have completed the Inazuma Archon Quest, Omnipresence Over Mortals, can unlock Beidou’s Hangout Event from the Quest menu in exchange […]

Genshin Impact Hangout Event: Gorou Guide

On the one hand, Gorou is Watatsumi Island’s ever-so-dependable general, who fearlessly leads troops in battle. On the other hand, his physical characteristics say nothing about his position in the army. With pointy ears, a fluffy tail, and a gullible personality, Gorou is easily taken advantage of, especially by a cunning Yae Miko—a predicament that […]

How to farm Riftborn Regalia in Genshin Impact

The Rifthound Regalia is a four-star material dropped by the Golden Wolflord, a Normal Boss that appears in Inazuma. It’s an Ascension material for Hanamizaka’s notorious oni, Arataki Itto, and possibly other new characters that may release in the future. The Golden Wolflord is the ruler of the Riftwolves and is a tough Boss to […]

Ocean-Hued Clam Artifact Set: Stats, how to get, and who can use it in Genshin Impact

The Ocean-Hued Clam is a dreamy Artifact Set that brings in an extra level of utility for healers who can heal massive amounts of HP, such as Kokomi and Qiqi. It addresses the issue of overflow healing, allowing you to convert the wasted heal values into actual Damage output. Stats Two-Piece Set: Healing Bonus +15 […]