Best Minecraft Realms Maps

Minecraft Realms makes it simple to try community maps and worlds for survival challenges. Thes add new challenges, interesting builds, and lots of extra features to a regular Minecraft world. But what are some of the best Minecraft Realms maps out there? Keep reading to find out. All of these maps are available on the […]

Minecraft Woodland Mansion Seeds 1.16/1.17/1.18 (November 2021)

Woodland Mansions are rare structures in Minecraft. It can be a challenge to find them, as they only generate in specific conditions. We’ve explored some of the best seeds for Woodland Mansions and get screenshots to validate them! If you check out the seeds below, you’ll find this scarcely generated Mansion near your spawn, as well […]

How to create a Minecraft PE Server

Pocket Edition Minecraft players may have a little trouble sorting out how to create a server, as the menus have a different setup than the main game. For those who want to play with friends in this version of Minecraft, getting a server up and running is a must. Read more to learn how to […]