How to get the A Fellow of Infinite Jest achievement in Halo Infinite

Oddball beatdowns!

Halo Infinite has an array of multiplayer achievements for players to earn. Some achievements are more complicated than others, including A Fellow of Infinite Jest, an Oddball-centric achievement.

Unlocking the A Fellow of Infinite Jest achievement requires players to kill three enemy players with the ball in a match made Oddball game. Players can’t farm this achievement in private lobbies, so head over to the QuickPlay tab of the Play menu to queue up for a game.

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Your goal is to kill three players with the ball at any point during the game. These kills do not need to happen in immediate succession. So long as players can kill three other players by hitting them with the Oddball in a single game before the game ends, they’ll earn this achievement.

A great way to get some easy kills as the Oddball carrier in Halo Infinite is by hugging corners with cover on both sides and bringing the enemies to you. The Oddball carrier is always visible on the map, but that doesn’t tell enemies what your surroundings look like. Force enemy players to come to you and surprise them with several swift melee strikes to kill them with the Oddball.

Try to lure a single enemy towards you at a time and avoid confrontations from range. Your chances of beating a single player in a close-range fight are far more significant, and their weapon won’t put you at a crippling disadvantage at an arm’s length.

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