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Cucumber drink It is so easy to make, that next time when you are thirsty, consider cucumber water. Cucumber is a low-calorie snack chock full of vitamins and minerals. Mint freshens the breath and is full of antioxidants and phytonutrients that calm a sour stomach.

You can cook Cucumber drink using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Cucumber drink

  1. It's 3 cucumber.
  2. It's Sugar.
  3. You need Powered milk.
  4. Prepare Strawberry flavour.
  5. You need cubes Ice.

Enjoy the cool, refreshing taste of a cucumber cocktail. Explore fun and exciting drink recipes that show off the cuke's full range of flavor pairings. See more ideas about Healthy drinks, Smoothie drinks, Smoothies. cucumber drink. Cucumber water is helpful for promoting hydration, weight loss, and lower blood pressure.

Cucumber drink instructions

  1. A bare bawon cucumber a cire green din jiki da seed din.
  2. Cut it into small pieces sai kisa a blender ki adding sugar da madara da flavour a blending sosai..
  3. A zuba ice cubes and service chilled.....

Cucumber drink - Learn more about the health benefits of cucumber water, and how to make it here. Cucumber is the one ingredient your summer drinks have been waiting for. Put three cups of water, ½ amount of cucumber and ½ amount ginger in blender (blend until liquidy). This cucumber cooler is no exception. When my boss was in town a few weeks ago, we all went out John ordered a drink featuring cucumber slices and after one sip, I was quickly regretting my pinot. Read Also Recipes