Recipe: Delicious Spanish rice

Spanish rice

” Step Make a Recipe Spanish rice need 7 ingredients and 5 Step”

Spanish rice Spanish rice is the perfect accompaniment to Mexican foods, chicken, or just about anything. This is the best Spanish rice recipe on this site! I don't understand why people don't follow the direction to. You can make Spanish rice use 7 ingredients and 5 step. Here’s how to make }.

Ingredients make Spanish rice

  1. You Need 2 cup rice.
  2. You Need 4 cup water.
  3. You Need 1 can pigeon peas.
  4. You Need 1 envelope Sazon.
  5. You Need 1 tbsp oil.
  6. You Need 7 oz sofrito.
  7. You Need 1/2 cup olives (optional).

You'll find my easy Spanish rice is better than any found in grocery stores. Best of all, it can be prepared in the same amount of time as those so-called "quick and easy" boxes. Spanish Rice from is a perfect side for dinner. Tomato sauce, red bell pepper, and the perfect combo of spices elevate ordinary white rice to a restaurant-worthy side.

Steps make Spanish rice

  1. Dice olives into small pieces.
  2. Add oil, sofrito, and peas to pot over medium flame. Let simmer for a minute.
  3. Add rice, sazon, and olives. Mix well.
  4. Once everything is mixed well add the water. Stir until it comes to a boil.
  5. reduce heat add lid and complete process as if cooking regular white rice.

Easy Spanish Rice, also called Mexican Rice, that tastes just like your favorite restaurant side dish with with an Spanish Rice (Mexican Rice). Spanish Rice Recipe – Spanish Rice is a well-loved side dish. How to Make Spanish Rice and Beans Video. And the best part about beans and rice? When you put them together they become a complete protein, meaning together they contain all the essential amino.