Tuna fish and potato kabab recipes - If you happen to were to purchase tuna fish and potato kabab an e-book you may print recipes as you want them. It may be very environment friendly this way as you'll have a straightforward to follow recipe in front of you and you wont have to fret about spilling food on them or losing them as you possibly can print an extra copy for whenever you need to.

Tuna fish and potato kabab Plonk the fish cakes on a greased tray and liberally spray with oil. Add a hefty pinch of salt and bring to a boil until. Easy Tuna and Potato Patties have a crisp, crunchy exterior and a tender, flavoursome interior.

You can cook Tuna fish and potato kabab using 14 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Tuna fish and potato kabab

  1. You need Potato 5 boiled.
  2. It's Tuna fish 1tin 185gm.
  3. You need Onion 1 chopped.
  4. You need 1 tsp Ginger.
  5. Prepare Green chilli 1 chopped.
  6. You need Green coriander 1 tbsp chopped.
  7. You need Mint leaves 1tbs chopped.
  8. You need 1 tsp Salt.
  9. Prepare Red chilli powder half tsp.
  10. It's pinch Ajwain.
  11. You need 1 tsp Cumin powder.
  12. Prepare 1 tsp Coriander powder.
  13. It's Cooking oil for shallow fry.
  14. Prepare Egg 1 beaten for coating.

Whilst many recipes suggest that leftover mashed potato can be used for fish cakes, I find that the buttery nature of the mash makes the cakes too soft and difficult to manage without them falling apart. Fish Manchurian is an easy and delicious Indo-Chinese fish recipe. Fish seasoned with spices, deep fried and cooked in a Manchurian gravy. Canned tuna fish cakes with sweet corn, a delicious way of using up leftover mashed potatoes and tuna flakes.

Tuna fish and potato kabab step by step

  1. Take a pressure cooker put potatoes and water to dip in it. Give pressure for 5to 8mins. When the potatoes become soft peel the skin..
  2. Then mashed it with the help of fork. Then add tuna fish..
  3. Add all spices and mix it well..
  4. Give it shape of kababs..
  5. Beat an egg and coat these kababs in it..
  6. Heat the frying pan. Pour some oil for shallow fry,on medium flame. Change the sides gradually till it become golden brown..
  7. Now dish it out and serve it with ketchup or chutney. Enjoy..

Tuna fish and potato kabab - Tuna and Potato Patties, or tuna fish cakes, the ideal last minute appetizer that can feed a hungry crowd. Ridiculously easy to make, these patties are a great way of using up leftover mashed potatoes, and also sneak in some good old tinned tuna. Warm, comforting, and hearty, this tuna and potato bake recipe is easy to make with packaged scalloped potatoes and canned tuna. The addition of tuna turns the side dish into a main course. This makes a layered dish with the scalloped potatoes on the bottom, then a layer of creamed tuna. Read Also Recipes