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Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breast A nonstick skillet works great it this recipe. These chicken breast recipes include oven-fried chicken, satisfying one-dish casseroles, pasta dishes, and super easy skillet meals. Peach preserves, balsamic vinegar, and spicy mustard are combined to make a tasty sauce for these boneless chicken breast halves.

You can cook Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breast using 3 ingredients and 1 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breast

  1. Prepare 3 pcs chicken breast.
  2. Prepare Black Sesame seed.
  3. It's Half small botylr of sweet and chilli sauce.

Chunks of chicken breast are breaded in panko, baked, and then tossed with an Asian-inspired sweet and spicy sauce of honey, soy, and Sriracha. Brined chicken breasts are extra juicy. After brining, brush with butter and rub with a simple spice mix. Roasted on high heat, they develop a golden crust.

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breast instructions

  1. Wash and dice chicken meat. Fry it until done. Remove some oil if too much. Pour sweet and chillu sauce. Mix it and let the meat coated with the sauce. Sprinkle sesame seed..

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Breast - Place chicken breasts between two sheets of parchment or plastic wrap. Place chicken breasts in a bowl and rub well with spice mixture. Remove chicken from fridge while you heat the grill. Steps to make Sweet and Spicy Stuffed Chicken Breasts. Serve with any leftover stuffing mix and some vegetables and salad of your choice! Read Also Recipes