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Blackberry Basil Chicken Breast In a small bowl, mash the blackberries with a fork. These tend to spray a bit, so you may want to wear an. Blackberry-Basil Skewers. this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines.

You can have Blackberry Basil Chicken Breast using 8 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Blackberry Basil Chicken Breast

  1. It's Bone in chicken breast.
  2. You need Basil 🌿.
  3. Prepare Garlic seasoning.
  4. You need Rice wine vinegar.
  5. You need Teriyaki sauce.
  6. Prepare Salt.
  7. Prepare Pepper.
  8. Prepare Black berries.

This sweet and savory combo is perfect for breakfast or brunch, but could also be part of a light spring lunch. The fresh basil pairs nicely with the other. Who says chicken breasts have to be boring? Here, a savory mushroom, herb and ricotta mixture is inserted under the skin of chicken breasts to give new life to a weeknight dinner mainstay.

Blackberry Basil Chicken Breast instructions

  1. Rinse chicken breast pay dry. Season with basil salt rice vinegar and grape seed oil.
  2. Bake 30 min on 425 lower rack remove from oven lower temp to 325 sprinkle lightly with teriyaki sauce add blackberries return to oven 15 min..
  3. Remove from oven let rest 10 min then serve.

Blackberry Basil Chicken Breast - Boneless chicken breasts are versatile, flavorful, and low in fat. And you can find chicken breasts in fresh and frozen individual portions, thinly sliced cutlets Because they are so lean, chicken breasts can easily become dry if cooked too long. Some slow cooker recipes work well with chicken breasts. Blackberry-balsamic roasted chicken breasts. "This blackberry-balsamic chicken is the perfect start to the barbecue season. For this recipe, we baked the chicken in the oven, but grilling it would be even tastier. Read Also Recipes