Keto Chicken & Waffles recipes - keto chicken & wafflesspread on whole-wheat toast, sounds delicious but super-fattening. It's essential perceive that being excessive in fat does not essentially imply that it is fattening. Body fats is about balancing calories. Peanut butter is concentrated calorie supply so don't go overboard however use a tablespoon (just 90 calories). It makes so many wholesome eating recipes because it tastes good and is very nutritious. Offering protein, folate and vitamin, peanut butter is great so as to add to healthy food recipes.

Keto Chicken & Waffles The keto diet may be all about the fat, but that doesn't mean protein doesn't play an important role too. Delicious KETO Garlic Chicken with Broccoli Track exercise, weight, ketones, blood glucose, and body measurements.

You can have Keto Chicken & Waffles using 18 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Keto Chicken & Waffles

  1. It's Chicken.
  2. It's 1.5 lbs chicken breast tenders.
  3. Prepare 1/2 cup pork rinds pulverized.
  4. Prepare 1/2 cup grated parmesan.
  5. It's 1 tsp paprika.
  6. It's 1/4 tsp salt.
  7. It's 1/2 tsp pepper.
  8. It's 1/2 tsp lemon pepper.
  9. You need 1 egg.
  10. It's 1 Tbsp water.
  11. You need Waffles.
  12. You need 6 eggs.
  13. Prepare 6 oz cream cheese.
  14. You need 2 Tbsp melted butter.
  15. You need 6 Tbsp coconut flour.
  16. It's 2 tsp vanilla extract.
  17. It's 2 tsp baking powder.
  18. It's Pinch salt.

Access keto meal plans and articles. If you've never tried your hand at Indian food, this is a great place to start. Eating out can be tricky because a lot of the time sugar is added to the curries and even some non. Keto has become one of the hottest new diet trends around, allowing people to lose fat while still enjoying many of the foods they crave, what's not to love?

Keto Chicken & Waffles instructions

  1. Mix wet ingredients in shallow dish. Mix dry ingredients in another shallow dish..
  2. Dip in egg mixture then dry mixture. Repeat if prefer thicker coating. Rest for a few minutes..
  3. Preheat oven to 375°. Heat frying oil. Cook until golden brown. Approximately not more than 10 minutes..
  4. Cook in oven for 20-30 minutes..
  5. Mix waffle ingredients in blender. Let sit for a few minutes to thicken. Cook in waffle iron. Makes about 5 waffles..

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