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Boneless chicken stew Boneless, skinless chicken is a good option for an easy weeknight meal. Chicken meat pairs well with a range of flavors, and without the skin, it has very little fat. This boneless chicken thigh recipe makes super tender, succulent, and very flavorful chicken thighs.

You can have Boneless chicken stew using 12 ingredients and 11 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Boneless chicken stew

  1. You need Boneless chicken.
  2. You need Oil.
  3. You need Spices of choice for marinating.
  4. It's Ginger.
  5. It's Garlic.
  6. You need Onion.
  7. It's Tomatoes.
  8. Prepare Capsicum.
  9. It's Soy sauce.
  10. It's Water.
  11. It's Dhania.
  12. It's Salt.

These boneless chicken thighs are crazy popular in our family, especially with the kids. Make these boneless chicken thigh recipes, including grilled chicken, chicken soup, pot pie, and Boneless chicken thighs are inexpensive, packed with flavor, and simple to prepare—in short, the. This quick, protein-rich chicken stew recipe gets great flavor from cumin, lemon juice and garlic. I used boneless chicken thighs and cooked a little longer.

Boneless chicken stew instructions

  1. Cut chicken into cubes.
  2. Marinate for about one hour using spices of your choice.
  3. Dry fry the chicken in a pan with just oil..
  4. Remove from pan and set aside..
  5. In the same pan, put ginger, fry a bit then add garlic (I chopped mine into very tiny cubes).
  6. Fry for about a minute the add the chopped onion. Don't let them brown..
  7. Add soy sauce then capsicum and saute for about a minute (or 2).
  8. Add the previously fried chicken. Stir a bit and let it cook for about 2 minutes..
  9. Add tomatoes (preferably grated or blended).
  10. Add some salt to taste, then a bit of water. You could also add some royco at this point..
  11. When almost ready, add your dhania, let cook for a bit and it's ready..

Boneless chicken stew - Served it with quinoa and broccoli. This easy Chicken Stew from is savory comfort in a bowl. Looking for a hearty, healthy dinner? This chicken stew takes under an hour, but it tastes like it's been simmering on the stove for. Use bone-in chicken pieces or make the stew with boneless chicken thighs. Read Also Recipes