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Guava punch I love punches, teas, mocktails, sodas. This fruity punch has flavours inspired by the Caribbean: guava, orange and of course, pineapple. RED GUAVA PUNCH Mocktail Recipe in Hindi.

You can cook Guava punch using 8 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Guava punch

  1. Prepare Fruits.
  2. You need 2 Big Guava.
  3. Prepare 15 pieces strawberry.
  4. You need 2 oranges.
  5. Prepare Other ingredaints.
  6. Prepare 3-4 spoon sugar or as per taste.
  7. It's Pinch salt.
  8. You need cubes Ice.

Learn to make Mocktail Recipe at Home. Red Guava punch when our school time my mom make this mocktail for us. This. guava punch is a nice lemony flavoured Indian drink with hints of mint with invigorating flavours for a party. Cut the guava cubes just before making the puree.

Guava punch step by step

  1. Cut all fruits and grind all together with ice cubes. Add pinch of salt and sieve it..
  2. Add thin slices or small chopped strawberry pieces in it. And serve chilled.

Guava punch - Best hair solution product in Botswana. Guava Punch by Coastal Clouds is a tasty exotic blend inspired by popular tropical fruits. The combination of guava, mango and pineapple standout in this. Guava Punch E-Juice by Coastal Clouds is among the most delectable and enjoyable flavors you If you're a fan of fruit-inspired e-liquids and looking for something truly special, Guava Punch by. Enjoy the goodness of guava with a dash of nutrition to create a delicious non-alcoholic fruit punch with Guava Juice! Read Also Recipes