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3 C's toasted sandwiches Divide the cheese between two slices of bread, placing it on the unbuttered side. Season with a little salt and pepper to taste. Cover with the second slice of bread, unbuttered side down.

You can have 3 C's toasted sandwiches using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of 3 C's toasted sandwiches

  1. You need Bread.
  2. It's Cheese.
  3. Prepare Chili sauce.
  4. You need Chips.
  5. Prepare Chips spice.

Slices of bread are spread with a delicious garlic-parsley butter, toasted until golden, and then sandwiched around shredded cheese and cooked until melted. And it's very easy to make: just stuff soft, baguette-like bread with roast pork, Swiss cheese, and dill pickles. Place the bread butter side down in the fry pan. Take half of the broken up peices of cheese and place them on top of the bread, trying to cover all the available places on the bread.

3 C's toasted sandwiches step by step

  1. Fry chips in hot oil, fry until golden brown, remove from oil. Toss in chips spice. Butter white on each side, the butter sauce on bread, add chips..
  2. Grate cheese and add on top of chips with extra chilli sauce, close bread..
  3. Heat non stick frying pan, butter outside of the bread. Allow pan to get hot, use spray and cook. Place on pan until golden brown on each side. Each side to be toasted for 1 minute or so. Remove from pan slice and enjoy.

3 C's toasted sandwiches - Take the ham and twist each peice loosely so it folds in a small mound. Spread one side of one slice of toast with butter. Arrange lettuce on top, along with tomato and basil. Pressed, toasted bagel filled with vegetables and cheese and grilled on a sandwich toaster or panini press. Baked bean: United States (Boston area) Canned baked beans on white or brown bread, sometimes with butter. Read Also Recipes