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Mac 'n' Cheese And of all the Mac and Cheeses in the world, this is This is a Mac and Cheese recipe that is everything you want in a knock-your-socks off Macaroni Cheese. This baked mac and cheese is a family favorite recipe, loved by both children and adults. My version uses a combination of cheeses for a gloriously cheesy dish!

You can cook Mac 'n' Cheese using 18 ingredients and 21 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Mac 'n' Cheese

  1. Prepare Pot or cooking blender (e.g. Thermomix).
  2. It's 640-650 g yellow potatoes.
  3. Prepare 130 g carrots.
  4. Prepare 330-350 g onion.
  5. You need 19 g garlic.
  6. Prepare 880 g water (4cups).
  7. You need OPTIONAL (for color & health) :.
  8. You need 4 g fresh turmeric.
  9. You need After boiling veggies add :.
  10. It's 35 g nutritional yeast (4 heaped tbsp).
  11. Prepare 16 g Himalayan salt (2tsp).
  12. You need 140 g soaked cashews (1cup).
  13. You need optional for a more cheddary color :.
  14. It's 1/2 tsp turmeric (unless you out in fresh one already).
  15. Prepare Pasta pot.
  16. It's 950-1000 g your-choice pasta (traditionally macaroni).
  17. Prepare Oven.
  18. It's Optimal : Handful Vegan cheese for cheesy top after baking.

Learn how to make the best stovetop mac and cheese in this recipe video! Duh, that's what Mac and cheese is about!! My mother was a bit of a rebel with her macaroni and cheese in that she didn't believe in making a roux. She always said she couldn't see what the fuss was about.

Mac 'n' Cheese instructions

  1. Largely cubed veggies into cooking blender e.g. thermomix = tmx.
  2. OR without tmx: smaller cubed veggies into pot with boiling water (amount as required in recipe, here 4c).
  3. Add 4cups of hot water to tmx (if water room-temp, add 5min more to cooking time in next step).
  4. Program varoma for 20min at speed 1 and cover with lid and sieve.
  5. Without tmx: boil veggies until buttery soft, ca. 20min.
  6. Bring slightly salted water to a boil..
  7. Add pasta (macaroni, in Spain "tiburon pequeño" are perfect) and cook until 'al dente' (remember the pasta will soak up a lot of 'cheese' sauce, so don't make it mushy soft).
  8. When veggies done, turn temperature off and leave in pot / tmx with lid on.
  9. Without the cooking blender you could now place veggies into a normal thermoresistant blender OR.
  10. Use whatever you usually use to blend food in. This will take much longer of course manually, but don't give up. You might want to have blended your cashews first apart from the veggie mix and strain the last bits out before adding to veggies..
  11. Add seasonings, optional turmeric, and cashews to pot or tmx with veggies.
  12. For tmx program 100°C 90sec speed 6 OR if using non-cooking blender, blend w/out the temperature option.
  13. The cashews probably won't be fully integrated and smooth, so continue blending for 60sec at highest speed.
  14. Drain pasta when finished and place into oven-proof casserole.
  15. Pour ¾ blended veggie mix (should resemble melted cheese) over pasta and mix well.
  16. Several dashes of pepper of your choice over pasta, don't stir and cover with left ¼ veggie 'cheese' sauce.
  17. Sprinkle cheese if melted cheese crust desired.
  18. For 10min into 220°C oven.
  19. Let bake and check for melted cheese. Turn down to 170C as soon as melted and leave in 5min longer.
  20. Take out of oven, let stand 5min. Then portion and serve w/paprika mild or spicy - as you prefer.
  21. Depending on individual taste, you or your guests might want to add some salt and pepper over mac'n'cheese.

Mac 'n' Cheese - Try this microwave mac 'n' cheese. Here's a five-cheese mac 'n' cheese, because we mean business. He BEST Homemade Mac and Cheese of your LIFE. Outrageously cheesy, ultra creamy, and topped with a crunchy Panko-Parmesan topping, this mac and cheese recipe is most definitely a keeper. That's the same amount of time it takes to make the boxed varieties, but with no preservatives or artificial ingredients! Read Also Recipes