Straberry•Tini (jello shot) Strawberry Jalapeno Jello Shots: Some of my favorite foods combine sweet and spicy, which is why I like this jello shot so much! Well that and the fact that I don't have to use any of my expensive liqueurs Strawberry Jalapeno Jello Shots. By AngryRedhead in Cooking Cocktails & Mocktails. You can cook Straberry•Tini (jello shot) use 4 ingredients and 6 step. Here’s how to}.

Ingredients cook Straberry•Tini (jello shot)

  1. You Need 3oz. strawberry flavored gelatin.
  2. You Need boiling water.
  3. You Need vodka.
  4. You Need red colored sugar.

College Gourmet Edition: Valentines Jell-O Shots. Nothing says romance like strawberry vodka jello shots. Opt for a more refined look for your Jell-O shots with simple layers. For all you strawberry banana lovers.

how to make Straberry•Tini (jello shot)

  1. spray shot glasses or small molds of any shape (I use pyramid shaped) with cooking spray; place mold on flat cookie tray..
  2. add boiling water to vodka and mix with gelatin mix in a bowl..
  3. stir 2 min. or until completely dissolved..
  4. pour mix into prepared molds and refidgerate 3 hours or until firm..
  5. run a knife around edges of mold to loosen gelatin; unmold onto a serving tray. dip the bottoms of each shaped mold into your red colored sugar. return to tray..
  6. serve..

This i use Banana Rum Made by Cruzan. Dissolve jello in boiling water completely, stir in rum. Try this jello topping for variation because it's is so easy to make and delicious. The strawberry Jello topping – Made with fresh strawberries and gelatin (or agar-agar) this jello topping looks pretty and taste delicious. Pink jello shots made with Nuvo.