Jell-O Shots for Valentine’s Day Edible glitter makes these boozy jigglers extra festive! Get the recipe from Miss Renaissance. Stir boiling water into gelatin until completely. You can cook Jell-O Shots for Valentine’s Day use 4 ingredients and 3 step. Here’s how to make }.

Ingredients make Jell-O Shots for Valentine’s Day

  1. You Need Any flavor jelly.
  2. You Need water.
  3. You Need unflavored gelatin.
  4. You Need your favorite alcohol.

Kick off the Valentine's Day party with jello shots! Our jello recipe is uniquely made with Champagne and elderflower liquor—cheers! Little effort is required putting this little ditty together—simply combine the ingredients, follow our simple instructions then let the. Sparkly rose champagne jello shots flavoured with rose water, pomegranate and orange juice.

how to cook Jell-O Shots for Valentine’s Day

  1. Mix the jelly and gelatin in the water then over medium heat mix well for 3 minutes.
  2. Pour and drops of alcohol on top let it cool for hour.
  3. Then enjoy 😉.

Perfect for Valentine's Day (or Galentine's Day!) RECIPE BELOW. In my personal opinion, if Valentine's day were a flavor, it would hands down be cinnamon Red Hots. Along with chocolate-everything We all already know these Jell-O shots are going to be such a hit at your party, because you literally cannot go wrong when you're making shots out of strawberries. An easy combo of Jell-o, water and vodka make a perfectly slurpable cocktail shot! Jell-O shots these days are no two-ingredient throwbacks designed to get you trashed ASAP.