How to Make Delicious Cold Ramen Noodles

Cold Ramen Noodles

“How to Make a Recipe Cold Ramen Noodles need 7 ingredients and 2 Step”

Cold Ramen Noodles You can make Cold Ramen Noodles use 7 ingredients and 2 step. Here’s how to cook }.

Ingredients cook Cold Ramen Noodles

  1. You Need ☆ Mentsuyu (3x concentrate) – Ratio: 1 mentsuyu : 2 water.
  2. You Need ☆ Water.
  3. You Need ☆ Sesame oil.
  4. You Need if tubed ☆ Grated ginger.
  5. You Need servings Fresh ramen noodles.
  6. You Need Ground white sesame seeds.
  7. You Need Nori (dried seaweed sheet).

Steps make Cold Ramen Noodles

  1. Add all ☆ ingredients into a pot over heat. Turn the heat off when nearly boiling. That's it for the dipping sauce!!.
  2. Cook the fresh ramen noodles. Rinse with running water and drain. Top with ground sesame seeds and nori. Also top with julienned vegetables or green onions!.