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Hot chocoholic on a stick Wrap it up cute with one of our printable gifttags. If you're not familiar with Hot Chocolate on a stick, it's a fun way to give the gift of hot chocolate. Did you make one of these flavors of Hot Chocolate on a Stick?

You can cook Hot chocoholic on a stick using 6 ingredients and 8 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Hot chocoholic on a stick

  1. Prepare Chocolate bar or chocolate chips of choice or white chocolate.
  2. It's Mini marshmallows.
  3. You need Candy canes crushed.
  4. It's Ice cube tray / Silicone muffin wraps / muffin pan / whatever you have for a mold.
  5. Prepare spoons Popsicles sticks/ wooden spoons/.
  6. Prepare Something to wrap them up if giving for a gift.

Let me know, or better yet snap a melts into your coffee/milk etc - but these big chunks of chocolatey goodness - ooh - for a chocoholic like me, these are definitely. It's the end of the year already! Again.time has gone by way too quickly. Hot Chocolate on a Stick - That's What Che Said.

Hot chocoholic on a stick instructions

  1. Heat chocolate until melted, in double boiler or microwave..
  2. Pour chocolate into molds of choice (don’t fill all the way up leave room for the stick and marshmallows & candy they will need to be pushed down into the chocolate, and can lead to overflowing, i overfilled mine as you can see just leave some room).
  3. Place in refrigerator to set. You don’t want it set completely you want the top still wet/ soft to put in the stick and toppings.
  4. Remove from refrigerator add in sticks to each one, and toppings of choice to each one... place back into refrigerator until it sets completely..
  5. Remove from tray and gift wrap up. Or just a sandwich baggies will work..
  6. Notes- can use holidays sprinkles and anything really... so many choices. Check Pinterest or YouTube for more ideas. Can use chocolate chips or a good premium chocolate..
  7. Sever with a mug of warm milk, add in the stick or spoon and stir..
  8. I had notes on here, but had to remove them, if you have troubles making this or have questions just ask me please.... there was nothing wrong with kid friendly words as for extra notes I was doing from problems I ran into making this... smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ got to be joking 🙃.

Hot chocoholic on a stick - Hot Chocolate With Marshmallow On A Stick. Insert a popsicle stick into the middle of each. To serve, dissolve a stick into a mug of hot milk. See recipes for Hot chocoholic on a stick too. This year I decided to make my family Christmas stocking stuffers, one of the ideas I made. Read Also Recipes